Events and Seminars

Conferences, Workshops & Proficiency courses

  • Five Days Workshop on “Fundamentals of Long Term Evolution (LTE)-4G”  held from 26th -30th September 2018

  • ESSAY CONTEST on the topic “SPINNING WHEEL TO SATELLITE” & KHADI EXHIBITION under Center for Gandhian Principles and Value Based Education , 9th to 12th October 2018.

  • Ham orientation workshop on 26-05-2018
  • Ideathon by IEEE student Chapter on 20-03-2018
  • Workshop on LABview and NI-USRP by Mr. Nilutpal Choudhury (Labview and RF consultant) from National instruments on 01-03-2018 to 02-03-2018
  • 5 Days Workshop on “Recent Trends in LTE” from 29-01-2018 to 02-02-2018.
  • Workshop on “Network on Chip” from 18-12-2017 to 19-12-2017.
  • IEEE AAC Hackathon on 23-09-2017
  • Workshop on Artificaial Intelligence  and Machine Learning Algorithms by Mr.Parth Sharma (CEO of knightsRoboCorp) on 09-09-2017.
  • Proficiency course on Python programming Language from 19th-23rd june 2017
  • Proficiency course on Design and Implementation of Electronic Circuits with PCB design from 25th – 30th July 2016
  • Proficiency course on Signal Processing on DSP and Application Development on ARM Cortex M4 MCU from 25th – 30th July 2016
  • Proficiency course on Industrial Automation from 18th – 23rd July 2016
  • Proficiency course on Analog RFIC Design from 2nd – 6th July 2016
  • Proficiency course on Relational Data Base Management Systems using Oracle Database System from 6th – 11th June 2016
  • Proficiency course on “Silvaco TCAD device simulation” for students from 15th -20th June 2015
  • Workshop on “Embedded processors & applications” for technical staff from 13th – 17th July 2015.
  • Proficiency course on “Wireless sensor network” for students from 20th – 24th July 2015
  • National Conference on “ICT innovations for sustainability” 16th – 17th May 2015
  • National Conference on “Research challenges in power control, communication & instrumentation leading to sustainable technology” 24th – 25th April 2015
  • Two days workshop on “Silvaco TCAD/EDA full design tools” 15th  -16th April 2015
  • One day Workshop on Sensors, Systems for ICT enabled agriculture” on 27 March 2015
  • Four days Workshop on “Advanced solar PV technology” on 21st – 24th Feb 2015
  • International Conference on “Large Area and Flexible Microelectronics(ILAFM-2014)” 18th – 20th December 2014
  • National Conference on “Emerging opportunities in Broadband for Sustainable development “15th – 17th May 2014
  • “Dissemination Workshop on UnderStudents: water Video Compression Algorithms” on 30th December 2014
  • Workshop on “Xilinx FPGA Solution for DSP and Embedded System Application with Demonstration of Analog Discovery kit”  on 4th September 2014
  • Six days workshop on “Trends in underwater communication and SONAR”  14th to 19th July 2014
  • Workshop on “Fabrication and characterization of thin film sensors” under TEQIP-1.2.1 COE-Macroelectronics from 17th to 19th March 2014
  • Workshop on “IC and system design using EDA tools” 6th to 11th January 2014
  • Workshop on “Robotics” on 1st – 2nd November 2014
  • Workshop on “Low Power Digital Design Course” 24th -26th March 2014

Technical talks

Technical talk on Date
“Human Brain,Engineering and Mysticism” by Dr. N Rangaprakash 23-10-2019
” Career Guidance” by Mr. Harish Mouli and Ms Janani Ram 22-03-2018
” Robotics for Industrial Automation” by Mr. Raghu B N Senior Engineer G K Machineries and Robotics India Pvt Ltd 27-02-2018
“Higher Studies opportunities in IITs” Career guidance by Dr. Janaki Raman (IITM) 19-01-2018
“Innovation and Career in Research” by Prof. Ram Achar 08-12-2017
“Embedded System Design” for 5th sem UG students by Mr. Veerendra Vasamshetty Schneider Electric Pvt Ltd. 13-10-2017
“Electronic Entrepreneuriship and Product Development” by Mr. Shamanth S CEO of Oscki Labs Bengaluru 11-09-2017
“Opportunities in Microwave and its Applications” by Dr. P raghavendra Rao Scientist G DRDO Labs 14-07-2017
“Career Guidance” by Vishwaniketan UG fellowship 04-04-2017
” Home and Industry Automation” by Mr. Muruli Srinivasa EtaPro Technology Bengaluru 15-03-2017
“Semiconductor Technology” By Shreedhar Vajpaye VP of Oracle USA 14-03-2017
” Career Awareness for 2nd sem PG VLSI Design and Embedded System Students” by Mr. Arun J M CoreEL technologies 10-02-2017
“Embedde System on Zynq Platform” by Sharankumar Huggi 10-11-2016
” Processor Technology and Trends” By Sridhar Vajapey Oracle 09-11-2016
” The Evolution of Mobile Technologies and Emerging Trends in 1G ,2G,3G,4G and LTE” by Mr. Prashanth Wali Research Scholar IIITB 25-10-2016
“RTOS concepts, comparisions and applications” by Sharankumar Huggi senior design engineer Signal Chip innovations Pvt ltd. 04-10-2016
” Importance of Object Oriented Programming” by Mr. Ganesh CEO codeops technologies 20-09-2016
“VoIP” by Raja Deshpandey, CISCO


“Analog Design & Challenges in Nanofabrication” by Dr Jattana, Group head ,Semiconductor Laboratory, Chandigarh


“Internet of Things for Wireless communication” by Dr Jyotsna Bapat, Associate Professor, IIIT Bengaluru 18-3-2016
“Research and future scope in VLSI and Embedded System” by Dr. Ramaswamy Parthasarathy IISc, Bengaluru


“OFC Systems Engineering Aspects for the Optical Fiber Networks” by Rajappa Papannareddy, PRLIGHTCOM


“Electronic System Design” By Mr. Raghavendra Rao 12-12-2015
“LCA Avionics & Weapon System Design & Development” by Mr G.R Joshi,Scientist G,ADA Bengaluru


“Analog & RFIC Design, Recent trends & Challenges” by Suchitava Khandanga, CEO, RFIC Technologies Bengaluru 13-10-2015
“Eye care Solution from Bosch” by Dr. Kumar Thirunellai Rajamani, Bosch 17-8-2015
“Bio medical applications” by Mr.Kumar Rajamani, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business solutions Ltd., Bengaluru 11-7-2015
“Introduction and Case Studies on Microsystems or MEMS”, by Dr.B.G.Sheeparamatti, Professor, Basaveshwar College of Engg., Bagalkot 20-5-2015
“Trends in semiconductor industry & STA analysis” by Mr.Prasanna T, Senior Manager, Intel 19-05-2015
“XMS microcontroller” by Mr.IshwarHegde, Infineon 31-03-2015
“Design and implementation of signal processing application on TI and PSOC processors” by Mr.Akshay, AIR LABS 31-03-2015
“Recent Trends in Optical Communication Technology” by Dr. GeethaPrakash, Professor, PESIT University 20-03-2015
“System engineering” by Mr.RaghavendraRao, Hardware Engineer, Intel Technology India pvt. Ltd., 20-03-2015
“Data Base Management Systems” By Mr.  Kiran Kumar M.,Principal Engineer, HP Storage 07-03-2015
“Internet of Things” by Mr. Sujeet Mishra, Product Development, IOTACELL, Bengaluru