Tompee Group Of Companies


The Tompee Group is registered and Head Quatered in Bangalore and has diversified business interests..Our activities include. . We plan to launch a first of its kind multi Integrated farm concept where we will be rearing and breeding multiple livestock in the same farm for commercial usage, Meat & processed meat, the farm would also develop its own shrimp cultivation using the bioflock method and large scale aloe vera cultivation and processed gel. All produces from the farm would be used foe salein the domestic and international market.

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Tompee Group of Companies

Management Team

Mr Thomas Peter

Chairman & Managaing Director

Mrs Reena Thomas

Director Operations & Finance

Dr Anil Kumar Jaiswal

Technical Adviser (Seientific & Agriculture)

Mrs Kavitha Rao

Legal Advisor
Tompee Group of Companies

Business Set up

  • Multi Integrated Farm
  • E- Commerce
  • Exports
  • Agriculture & Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure & Trading
Tompee Group of Companies

Group Companies

  • Tompee Farms & Dairy Pvt Ltd
  • Tia (Pure n Divine)
  • QPI Foods (Delivery App)
  • Tompee Healthcare & Medical Services
  • Lucy Health care (Service App)
Tompee Group of Companies

Business Interests


We Help You Bootstrap Your Business

With wide range of products and services for B2B abd B2C Customers we provide integrated solutions across Markets and Geohraphies.


Solutions For Agri Business

Farm Products Poultry Meat and Dairy. We plan to come out with our very own app to dist ribute and sell all Dairy/ Meat /Sea food and a host of other product s for B2B &B2C customers using our own delivery system init ially in the Bangalore & Mysore region


Tia Pure n Divine

  • Tia ‘Pure n Divine is designed to bring thebest quality and nutritional products to health conscious families..
  • At this point Tia is coming out with multiple products within the Dairy sector Meat / Sea food / Fruits & Vegetables both Exotic and seasonal all products are handpicked, hygienically packed and hand delivered with utmost care and in a timely manner
  • Each time you pick a Tia product you can be well assured of its quality and freshness


QPI Healthy & Nutritious

  • The QPI app is a part of the Tompee Group exclusively designed to sell and market products of Tompee the app has been designed to be extremely user friendly and with real time updates
  • The app has been designed to bring about all essential products with a assurance of quality from Tompee at the same time giving it at a fair price to one and all
  • QPI…Tompee Group will also act as a one stop solution for B2B clients we would also undertake packaging and boxing and also customize based on each B2B requirement


Lucy Healthcare & Medical Services

  • Lucy Health care & Medical Services would be under the umbrella of the Tompee Group.
  • We would be having three divisions under Lucy Health care & Medical Services
  • Hospital Infrastructure
  • Home Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare & Therapy
  • Hosptal Infrastructure would have three Divisions
  • Infrastructure, Equipments, Pharmaceuticals
  • Infrastructure.. under this we would take care of complete infrastructural demands, set up, managing, accreditations, sanctions & permissions ad handle on a BOT / BOOT or BOO basis
  • Equipments.. Under this we would take complete responsibility for existing and future requirements of all Equipments, machinery, systems, surveillance trackers, we would take care of their purchase, installation, maintenance & service on a pre determined basis.
  • Pharmaceuticals.. We would be working on a pre determined price and tenure to take care of the entire inventory of the pharmacy division all stocks would be refilled on a predetermined basis using a software and app which would be integrated with the hospital server thus reducing tome and price fluctuations ordeal for hospitals
  • Home Healthcare Services…will have multiple segments
  • Doctor on call
  • Nurse on call
  • Home nurse
  • Laboratory tests
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Counseling & Therapies
  • Subscription & Pay by use
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Health & Mind Therapy.. will have multiple segments and age groups
  • Mental Health Awareness Programs.
  • Student health care, Counseling & Therapies
  • Teenager Counseling, interactive sessions, Therapies & Guidance.
  • Professional talk shows, Awareness programs, Guidance& Counseling.
  • Access to live & recorded content on multiple issues through the app.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Live interactive session’s


Vision & Mission Statement

  • We at Tompee would always want to
  • To Be a Company that grows to Inspire & Innovate