Faculty Study Circle

A report on 15th Faculty Study Circle conducted on 14-March-2019 at the Seminar Hall, SSMRV College.

A report on 15th Faculty Study Circle by Dr. B.S.Patil on The Art of writing a Research Paper

The Department of Commerce, SSMRV College organized the 15th Faculty Study Circle, an initiative for knowledge sharing on writing a research paper for faculty and students on 14th March 2019 at the Seminar Hall, SSMRV College. The Speaker for the day was Dr. B.S.Patil, Professor and Director, CMR University, Bangalore.

Welcome Speech:

The event started with a welcome speech by Prof. Ajay Kumar S., Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.

Principal Address:

Dr. S. Anil Kumar, Principal SSMRV College, addressed the gathering and inspired the faculty and students to take up research with his motivational words.

Introduction of the Speaker:

Smt. Ume Salma, Assistant Professor, Department Of Commerce, introduced the speaker Dr. B.S. Patil, Director, CMR University.

About the Talk:

Dr. B.S. Patil addressed the gathering on the topic for the day – The Art of Writing

a Research Paper. In his presentation, Dr. Patil covered various aspects of research paper publication from selecting the field of research to the final choice of journal and the ultimate act of publication of the reviewed paper in the journal. He covered aspects such as Selecting a research area, research problem statement, choosing the topic, finding information and the continuous maintenance of a draft.

The session also had a reminder on the dos and don’ts of Research Writing. Conducting pre research work, post research work, manuscript revision, reviewing and finally publication of the written research paper in a scheduled volume or journal of correct choice.

In his talk he emphasized on the importance of title of the paper, abstract writing, citing of reference literature and also spoke of the keywords to be used. He gave some key guidelines on the draft to be continuously maintained when writing the actual research paper. The session was followed by an interaction and question and answer session with the attendees.

Time Duration:

The Programme lasted from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Attendees/ Presence:

Around 100 participants including Faculty and Students pursuing their Master’s Degree from this Institution and elsewhere attended and benefited from the Programme.