Library and Information center
The library at R V Institute of Management is regarded as one of the finest libraries among B-schools. It extends its support to academic research, general information and curriculum based text by providing access to journal database through online and print edition, electronic format CD’s and cassettes. It serves as a resource centre for scholars, visiting professionals from industry, academicians and students.

Readers service

The library is open to students, staff members, visiting faculty on week days between 8 am – 6 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to
1 pm


RVIM library is the member of Indian Institute of Management, British library. For reference and research consultations, kindly contact librarian for membership ID cards.

RVIM Library and Information Centre is a most sought after reference centre for visiting faculty and researchers. Users are requested to adhere to reference and lending norms at RVIM library

Reference and lending norms

  1. Users are requested to sign in the register while entering the library.
  2. Bags and other belongings are to be kept outside at the place provided for baggage.
  3. Holders of valid borrower’s card are entitled to borrow books. Borrower’s card is a non-transferable document.
  4. Books should be handled with proper care during reference and at all times during lending period.
  5. Disfiguring of pages and mishandling with intentions to cause damage apart form normal usage will attract penalty.
  6. Attending mobile calls / text communication through SMS is strictly prohibited. Hence users are to switch off their mobile phones in library.
  7. Any defects in the book borrowed must be brought to the notice of the librarian.
  8. Silence and ordered must be maintained at all times

Collection and Resources

  • Printed journals
  • Online journals
  • Back volume collection of Journal
  • Computer based CD Rom
  • Student Dissertation and projects
  • Seminars and Conference materials
  • Placement and soft skills training DVD’s

Subject – wise details of present Library Titles & Volumes

Sl.No Subject      Titles    Volume
1 General Management 1481 2333
2 Marketing Management 949 1957
3 Financial Management 532 1183
4 Human Resource Management 312  961
5 Mathematics & Statistics 262  696
6 Accountancy 395  718
7 Economics 424 898
8 Entrepreneurship 307 550
9 Indian Society 144  281
10 Business Laws 307  796
11 General Books 1323 2201
12 System Management  407   751
13 Communication 317         502
14 Ethics  51         224
15 Organizational Behaviour 208         512
16 Production & Operation Management  52          198
    17 Health Care Management  10 22
TOTAL       7481        14793


Total No. of  books added up to 08.10.2011
Total No. of Books  added upto 26.05.2018
 11735   Books
3058  Books                               
TOTAL               14793 Books

1.02 Books in Reference Section   :  1819

4.0Details of Periodicals and News papers

Sl.No Description Nos.
01. International Journals 13
02. International Magazines 11
03. National Journals 69
04 National Magazines 37
05. Newspapers 14

1.05. Details of Newspapers: (English*, Kannada**, Business***)

Sl.No. Description
01. Deccan Herald *
02. Times of India *
03. The Hindu*
04. Indian Express *
05. The Economic Times ***
06. Business line ***
07. Financial Express ***
08. Business Standard ***
09. Mint ***
10. Kannada Prabha**
11. Vijay  Karnataka**
12. Vijay Vani**
13 Employment News*
14. Bangalore Mirror

Details of International Journals/Magazines:

Sl.No Description  
   1. Global Journal of Finance & Management ½  yearly
1. Int.National Journal of Knowledge Management & Information  Tech ½ yearly
 1. Int. National Jl of Entrepreneurship  & Small Business Development ½ Yearly
 2. Int Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management ½ Yearly
 3. Int Journal of Business Management & Economics Research ½ Yearly
1 Int.Journal of Human Resource Development & Management  ½  yearly
2 Int Journal of Human Resource  & Business .Management ½ yearly
  1. Global Journal  of Marketing Management &Research         ½ yearly
  2. Global Journal of Retail Management ½ yearly
  3. Int. Journal  of Retail Market & Relationship Management ½ yearly
  4. Int Journal of Market Research & Market Technology ½ yearly
 5. Int Journal of Operation Management & Decision Science ½ Yearly
 6. Int Journal of Quality Assurance & Management Strategies ½ Yearly
   1. Bloomerg Business Week weekly
   2. Communication Today Monthly
   3. Entrepreneur Monthly
   4. Fortune Fortnightly
   5. Harvard Business Review Monthly
   6. HR Magazine Monthly
   7. National Geographic magazine Monthly
   8. Strategy + Business Quarterly
   9. Talent Development Monthly
  10. The Economist Weekly
11. Time Magazine Weekly

Details of National Journals:-

Sl.No Description Monthly Bi-Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Tri
I. Human Resource Management          
1. Consulting Ahead       ü  
2. Oganisational Behaviour     ü    
3. Oganisational Management ü        
4. Jl of Human Values       ü  
5. Effective Executive ü        
6. Inventi Impact Human Resource     ü    
7 South Asian Jl of HRM       ü  
8 South Asian Jl of Bus. Mgmt.Case       ü  
9 Asian Jl of Management Cases       ü  
II Finance ü        
1. Management Accountant ü        
2. Case Folio     ü    
3 Journal of Applied Finance ü
4 Corporate Governance ü
5 ICFAI Accounting Research ü
6 Bank Management ü
7 Financial Risk Management     ü  
8 RBI Bulletin ü  
9 Business Strategy ü
10 Journal of Banking IT &Mgmt ½ yearly ü
11 Finance India ü
12 Indian Journal of Finance ü
13 Indian Journal of Accounting ü
14 Inventi Impact Microfinance, Banking     ü Description Weekly Fort
Monthly Bi-Monthly Quarterly ½ yr
III General            
1 Jl of English Studies ü  
2 Jl of Soft Skills ü  
3 Social Change   3 Issues Yr            
4 Inventi Impact Supply chain         ü  
5 Inventi Impact SME’s         ü  
6 Inventi Impact service sector         ü  

Details of National Journals:- Contd/–

Sl.No Description Weekly Fort
Monthly Bi-Monthly Quarterly Half yearly
V ECONOMICS            
1 Economic & Political Wkly ü
2 Southern Economist ü
3 Applied Economics ü
4 Jl of Entreprenuership ü
5 Inventi Impact Emerging eco         ü  
6 Jl of Entrepr & Innov           ü
VI MANAGEMENT            
1 ICFAI Operational mgmt ü
2 Management Research ü
3 Knowledge Management
4 Indian Management ü
5 Vikalpa ü
6 Abhigyan ü
7 Main Stream ü
8 Prabhandhan: Jl  of  Mgmt ü
9 Management Review IIM      – ü
10 Supply chain Management     – ü
11 Jl of Information Tech     – ü
12 Indian Journal of Mgmt     – ü
13 Int Jl of Rural Mgmt            
14 Law Review         ü  
V MARKETING            
1 Global Business Review     ü
2 University News Journal     ü      
3 International Relations       ü    
4 Prabuddha Bharat     ü      
5 Inventi Impact Business Research Reviews         ü  
6 Inventi impact retailing &         ü  
7 Inventi Impact Int.Nat. Trade         ü  
8 Inventi Impact Start-ups         ü  
9 Foreign Trade Review         ü  
10. Vision : The Jl of Bus. Persp         ü  

Details of National Journals:- Contd/– Description Weekly Fort
Monthly Bi-
Quarterly Half yearly
VII MARKETING            
1 Indian Jl of Marketing ü
2 Marketing Management ü
3 Brand Management ü
4 Jl of Emerging Mkt Fin ü

Details of Magazines: Description Weekly Fort
Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly
I FINANCE          
1 Outlook Money ü
2 Business Today ü
3 Business India ü
4 Business World ü        
1 Management Education ü      –     –
III Systems Management          
1 Digit ü      –     –
IV General          
 1. People Matters ü     –     –
 2. PC Quest     ü    
 3. Capital Market     ü    
 4. Consumer Voice     ü    
 5. Corporate Citizen     ü    
 6. Down to Earth     ü    
 7. Education World     ü    
 8. Fortune   ü      
 9. Harmony Celebrate Age     ü    
10. Human Capital     ü    
11. MBA Education & Careers     ü    
12. Prabudha Bharata     ü    
13. Powerline     ü    
14. Infinithoughts     ü    

Details of Magazines: Contd/-…. Description Weekly Fort
Monthly Bi-Monthly Half Yearly
1 Sports Star ü
2 India Today ü
3 Competitive Success Review ü
4 Front Line ü
5 Readers Digest ü
6 Viveka Sampada ü
7 The Week ü
8 Wisdom ü
9 Dalal Street ü
10 Yoga Sudha ü
11 Chronicle     ü
12 Stay Fit ü
13 Spardha Spoothi     ü    
14 Business Guru     ü    
15 Tattavaloka     ü    
16 Advance Edge     ü    
17 Advantage Karnataka     ü    
18 Hosatu       ü  

Online  Journals Details: 27  Online Journals                                             
9.01  : RVIM Library has subscribed to EBSCO International Full Text Online Database 
           & J-Gate (i.e  Social & Management Sciences (JSMS) Capital Market – 03

          Website Address: for EBSCO :               http:// 
          Website Address : for J-Gate :                http://
          Website Address: for Capital Market

10.0 Description Qty.Nos
1. Dictionaries      59
2. Encyclopedias      19
3. Computer based Tutorials (Non Book Materials)
a. CDs       1434
b. Video Cassettes           40
c. Audio Cassettes           10
4. Project Reports         326
5. Donated Books       1631

   11.0  a.  Indian Institute of Management ( IIM ) Bangalore Library Membership 
             b. National Digital Library Membership (IIT Khargapur)

                                               Library Details

Sl.No.                  Details   Nos
  01. Total  No. of  Books 14793
  02. Total  No. of  Titles   7481
  03. Total  No. of  Int. Journals       13
  04. Total  No. of  Int. Magazines       11
  05. Total  No. of  National Journals       69
  06. Total  No. of  National Magazines       38
  07. Total  No. of Online Journals       27
  08. Total  No. of  Projects Reports      326
  09. Non Book Materials    1334
  10 Total  No.   of  Donated Books    1631
  11. Total  No. of Newspaper        14
  12. Seating  Capacity of Reading Room      120
  13. Total No. of Reference Books     1819

             14. Online Databases EBSCO , J-Gate, Capital line,  03
           15.  Indian Institute of Management Library Membership
           16.  National Digital Library Membership (IIT Kharagpur)  
           17.  British Library Membership ( Bangalore)
           18.  Libsoft Software is used for Circulation of Books


RVIM Journal of Management Research
ISSN 0974-6722

RVIM Journal of Management Research is a bi-annual publication from the portals of R V Institute of Management. Its objective is to disseminate knowledge in functional areas of management with inter-disciplinary approach. It is a peer reviewed biannual journal with ISSN 0974-6722. The Journal is listed in COSMAS FOUNDATION INDEX with an impact factor of 5.395

RVIM Journal of Management Research invites original, research-based papers in the areas of Management. Each prospective article is blind reviewed by a panel of eminent reviewers. The Chief Editor of the Journal is Dr. Purushottam Bung Director, R V Institute of Management supported by a team of faculty members in the editorial board. The Journal also has Editorial Advisory Body with members from industry and academia. It has circulation all over the country. of Management started publishing this Journal in the year 2009, a total of 10 volumes has successfully published.

Editorial Board

Chief Editor: Dr. Purushottam Bung, Director, RVIM

Coordinator: Dr. Noor Firdoos Jahan, Professor, RVIM, Bangalore

Editorial Team: Members:

Dr. Noor Firdoos Jahan, Professor RVIM, Bangalore

Mrs. Uma Sharma, Asst Prof. RVIM Bangalore

Author Guidelines


Cover page:
The manuscript should be accompanied by a cover page containing the article title, the names and affiliations of all the authors (the order of placing author names should be specified), along with their postal address, phone numbers, and email address. Details of the authors’ name and affiliation should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript. In the case of multiple authors, the cover page should indicate the designated corresponding author.

Abstract of about 150 words with 3 to 5 key words should be prepared in a separate sheet.

Manuscripts The recommended length of papers is 8000-10,000 words, inclusive of tables and figures. Material may be formatted in Times New Roman, font size 12 and ne and a half line space. Microsoft word is preferred. All tables and figures must be serially numbered Tables and figures should carry explanatory notes or legends for clarity or to indicate the source, as necessary; all abbreviations should be expanded. All exhibits should be in black and white only. British spelling is to be followed except in the case of direct quotations. Capitalization should be kept to the minimum and should be consistent.


Authors must acknowledge all the sources they have drawn upon. Only those references cited in the main text should be listed in the reference list.

Sources should be stated briefly in the text, following the author-date convention of by the last name and the date of publication, in parentheses.

Citations within the text would read, for e.g. ‘According to Sharma, (2010) …’ or ‘… (Sharma, 1991)’. These citations should be amplified in a list of references appearing at the end of the paper. Citations in the text should follow the referencing style used by the American Psychological Association (APA).

The reference list should be in alphabetical and chronological order, and should include complete bibliographical details, as appropriate-the name(s) of the author(s), year of publication, title of the article/book, name of the journal, details of the publisher, volume and issue number, and individual page numbers, URL of online sources (online journals, magazines, or newspapers) with access date.

Quotes should be cited accurately from the original publication and use double quotes. Apart from the author and year, page number should be mentioned for quotes. The name of the publication usually a book or journal appears in Italics.

Submission of manuscripts

Manuscripts sent for review should be original work which has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. If the research work was presented in seminars the details of the same should be mentioned with acknowledgements to the reviewers. Send your manuscript to

Manuscripts, which do not conform to those guidelines, will not be considered for publication. An author will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which his/her paper appears.

Copyrights and Permissions

Authors must cede copyright of the article for publication in the Journal if it is accepted for publication, and certify that all copyright requirements in respect of material used directly or indirectly in the article have been duly met. Copyright rests with RVIM in respect of the material submitted for its use and dissemination in any form or medium, individually or in any collection or other configuration, print, audio-video, electronic or otherwise. Except as authorized, no part of the material published in RVIM Journal of Management Research may be reproduced, photocopied or stored in retrieval systems, or used for commercial or other purposes.


RVIM Journal of Management Research is published two times a year. Annual subscription for each volume of two issues (print edition) is Rs.500. Subscriptions are accepted on a prepaid basis only and will be acted upon with prospective effect. For subscription please write mail to or send request to the following address.

Manuscript and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

The Chief Editor

RVIM Journal of Management Research,

R V Institute of Management

CA 17, 26th Main, 36th Cross, 4th ‘T’ Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 041.

Ph: 080-26547048, 42540300