Greetings from RV!

There's a reason why most of our childhood stories begin with "my friends and I ....”  Friendship is a bond that grows stronger with each passing year and throughout our educational journey, we have cherished these moments. However, as time passes by this bond starts withering. From once a week to meeting once a month, we slowly lose touch.

Fret not! This is your moment to relive those yesteryears.

We are thrilled to inform you all that we are working towards building our community stronger through hosting get togethers, events and other fun-filled activities across the country. Through these events and soirees, you would not only be able to rekindle your friendship, but also establish networks with fellow individuals. 

Join our family once again and stay connected. To achieve this, we would require a few contact details and hence sincerely request you to submit your information here. 

Stay tuned for more details!

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